Monday, 4 July 2016

Discovery Time Reflection 6

Discovery Time Reflection 

Today at discovery time I did a 2nd layer of paint for the tukutuku panel  in room 13 with Rosemary, Will, Mason, Liam and Brooke. When the paint was drying, I cut out some fabric for the other side of my plateosaurus (dinosaur) in room 13 with Rosemary, Ms Reynolds and Brooke.
The role I played in tukutuku panels was to do a second layer of paint and try to do it straight. The role I played in sewing was watching an expert (Ms.Reynolds), and trying to keep the scissors on the ground.
A strategy I used in tukutuku panel making was watching an expert, I used this strategy because I didn't know how to do it properly. 
The strategy I used in sewing was to ask someone for help.
Something new I learnt in sewing was you need to cut the fabric on the ground or on a table. Something new I learnt in making a tukutuku panel was that it is quite hard to keep the lines straight.
A struggle for me in sewing was trying to cut straight. A struggle for me in tukutuku panels was trying to get the line straight .
I showed a growth mindset in sewing when I cut out my dinosaur. I showed a growth mindset in tukutuku panels when I never gave up on straight lines.
Next discovery time I am going to try and bring some ribbon for my dinosaur in sewing and I am also going to try and make my panel more straight.
Overall it was fun doing sewing and tukutuku panels.

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