Monday, 19 October 2015

Getting poppy

Getting Poppy
Have you ever been really excited about getting a new pet?  Do you have a pet that you really love?  That you can play with?  That tires you out because it makes you run a lot? 

It was a Friday afternoon. Brooke, James and I jumped into the car feeling really excited because we were getting a puppy from somebody's flat.  Mum drove us to the flat and once we got there Mum told us to stay in the car. 

A couple of minutes later we saw Mum with a dog but it looked more like Poppy's toy dog Rufus. As she came closer and closer to the car we all moved closer and closer to the car window. We saw a little black and white head pop up but this time it was not Rufus it was our new puppy named Poppy.

 Mum put Poppy at the back of the car with Brooke, James and I.  Then  mum said that we were going to her school library to do some stuff. Once we got to to mum's library we saw Jamie and Tessa, a couple of girls at mum’s work. We all sat in a circle and one by one we called Poppy's name.  She looked at each of us as we called her name and she slowly walked to us.    

Then Brooke and I thought we should make an obstacle course for poppy to do.  Sadly we couldn't finish it but we still had enough time for poppy to try out the half finished the obstacle course.  She did really well, although she ran in different directions.

After a really exciting afternoon we all drove back to my house.
Once we were back home I bet Poppy felt like she was the star of the show because Brooke, James, Mum and I were taking really cute photos of her.  

After taking photos Brooke went home and then we went to the movie store to get out some movies for us to watch. While we were watching the movie Poppy was resting on mum's arm and it was really cute.

The next day we had to drop off James to gymnastics which meant I had a whole hour with Poppy on my own - YAY. In that hour I played with Poppy outside on the trampoline and then I threw Mr Snuggles her toy ball for about 15 minutes.

I am really happy and excited that we have a new member in our family.  Poppy makes me feel happy but like any family member, sometimes kind of mad.  

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  1. I love your writing. Poppy sounds like my grandmas dog teddy always making me mad ,tired ,and annoyed but mostly happy. I like the way you said as she came closer and closer to the car we came closer and closer to the car window. I can't wait to hear your next writing.