Monday, 15 June 2015

How to have fun with friends

How to have a fun sleepover in eight steps.

Step one:

Make some new/old friends and get them to know you well and get to know them well ( or if you already know the people, skip this step).

Step two:

Invite them over to your house and have a big sleepover.

Step three:

Ask them to bring movies, a sleeping bag, popcorn and some soft, fluffy, cuddly toys.

Step four:

Have a pillow fight, watch movies, gossip, sleep, wake up and be happy.

Step five:

Have a picnic on a hill.

Perfect food for picnics: sandwiches, apples, chocolate,

fruit strings and crackers.

Step six:

Take your friends somewhere you love to go.  For example: the park or the swimming pool.

Step seven:

Go for a nice long bike ride and on the way home stop at a dairy and get an ice-cream (yummy).

Step eight:

Go home and watch a movie then take your friends home.

And that is how to have a fun sleepover!



  1. Dear lucy I LOVE YOUR BLOG

  2. Dear lucy I LOVE YOUR BLOG

  3. Love your blog

  4. Your sleepovers sound fun - and exhausting!!!

  5. This is a really creative peice Lucy. I like the idear and it's really cool. Keep up the good writing!