Sunday, 13 November 2016

Bean 2.0 Conclusion

Based on our results we can conclude that our hypothesis, which was the arctic bean would die and the desert bean would survive, was wrong. Both beans ended up dying. This may be because beans need a mild temperature to grow. If I did this experiment again, I would think about the different variable (change) because some beans grew really well in partly sunny, partly shady conditions.


Monday, 4 July 2016

Discovery Time Reflection 6

Discovery Time Reflection 

Today at discovery time I did a 2nd layer of paint for the tukutuku panel  in room 13 with Rosemary, Will, Mason, Liam and Brooke. When the paint was drying, I cut out some fabric for the other side of my plateosaurus (dinosaur) in room 13 with Rosemary, Ms Reynolds and Brooke.
The role I played in tukutuku panels was to do a second layer of paint and try to do it straight. The role I played in sewing was watching an expert (Ms.Reynolds), and trying to keep the scissors on the ground.
A strategy I used in tukutuku panel making was watching an expert, I used this strategy because I didn't know how to do it properly. 
The strategy I used in sewing was to ask someone for help.
Something new I learnt in sewing was you need to cut the fabric on the ground or on a table. Something new I learnt in making a tukutuku panel was that it is quite hard to keep the lines straight.
A struggle for me in sewing was trying to cut straight. A struggle for me in tukutuku panels was trying to get the line straight .
I showed a growth mindset in sewing when I cut out my dinosaur. I showed a growth mindset in tukutuku panels when I never gave up on straight lines.
Next discovery time I am going to try and bring some ribbon for my dinosaur in sewing and I am also going to try and make my panel more straight.
Overall it was fun doing sewing and tukutuku panels.

Sunday, 19 June 2016

Bear Grills camp experience

Bear Grylls

It was the  third day of camp, I looked in my little booklet, today we are doing...Bear Grylls.So we got in our group and started to head towards the forest. When I first walked into the forest I saw heaps of beanstalk looking trees off Jack and the beanstalk, just with no beautiful greeny colour. 

A few minutes later we sorted out our teams - Girls VS Boys, so we got to work. I got the wood for the hut, some people were making the hut out of the wood and some people got some leaves for shelter. The other teams hut looked like a tree mansion but ours looked alright.

 Once the hut was done we tested if it was waterproof by tipping some water out of my drink bottle onto the hut. After all it wasn't waterproof but it was time to judge the winners, then the camp parent announced the winning team was……the boy team. 

After the camp parent announced the winning team we did like a little obstacle course. There were 2 volunteers, me and someone else from the other team. A rope was tied to the trees and we were blindfolded. The people in our team had to try and guide us across the rope but they couldn't touch the person they just had to say, “turn right”, “turn left”, “put you leg up high and do a big step so you don't trip over”. 

After the course was done we took off the blindfold and started to head to camp. 

My writing reflection:
Next time in my writing I need to have a better understanding of activated nouns and where to put them.

Sunday, 12 June 2016

Term 1 reflection

Term 1 Reflection

In term 1 we learnt: about Beat, Pulse, pumanawatanga and rhythm.

A struggle for me was: performing because I don't do it a lot and it is out of my comfort zone.

A highlight for me was: going to the Hanmer Springs pools. I enjoyed going to the pools because I got to go in the lazy river and swim around with my friends.

My role in our performance was: beat, in the discovery time performance my role was also beat for tukutuku panels.

In term 1 I learnt: about beat and pulse.

At the start of term 1 I felt: like I couldn’t do much because I didn't know much about beat.

SOLO level of thinking: unistructural  because I can identify beat in at least 1 or 2 ways. Beat can keep music in time.

Next step: my next step is to understand the purpose about beat in other contexts.

Overall: term 1 was nerve racking when performing, fun making the performances, fun swimming at Hanmer Springs and my favourite thing at discovery time was sewing.

Sunday, 22 May 2016

Discovery Time Reflection☃

Today at discovery time I started to make a scarf in room 13 with Billie.
I made a connection with Rosemary, I connected with Rosemary because she showed me how to make a stitch and I reminded her how to knit and also because we both like knitting. 
I enjoyed knowing how to make a stitch because I had never made a stitch while knowing it.
My struggle was trying to make the stitch because sometimes it would fall of the knitting needle.
Next discovery time I want to continue my scarf so that I prepared for the winter.☃(maybe)
Overall today I had fun knitting 

My special place

The river in the West Coast,

I could see a shiny grey trout swimming through the nice clear water.

I could hear little children screaming with laughter.

Sand sticks to my feet as I walk out of the water.

I could see people jump off a little metal platform into the water.

The cute ducks and ducklings dunk there head up and down for food.

-By Lucy.H

Sunday, 13 March 2016

Popcorn writing

Popcorn Description 
I could smell the hot buttery popcorn like from the movie theater. The popcorn looked like fluffy sheep flying out of a strange sheep making machine. I could hear the popcorn sizzling in the machine before it flew out like superman. The popcorn’s texture was a bit like polystyrene. It tasted really delicious like a piece of candy but saltier.